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Rachel Glenane is an Australian born actress and model. Her passion for performance started at a young age. Since then she has established herself as a dedicated professional, thoroughly immersing herself in every role she undertakes. 


Rachel will next be seen as Tascha in FX's highly anticipated new series Mr Inbetween created by and starring Scott Ryan as Ray Shoesmith and directed by Nash Edgerton. The series premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2018 as part of the new Indie Episodic section, was also screened at MIFF Festival 2018 and will be released on Foxtel later this year. Rachel will also appear in her first feature film as the lead role of Christal in the dramedy How Do You Know Chris? due for release in early 2019. 


She has also been in high demand with Australian comedy appearing in Monica Zanetti's (Sisters, Skin Deep) sketch series opposite Bridie Connell (Who's Line Is It Anyway) to be featured on Comedy Central. She has also filmed with the Australian comedy trio Sketchshe (Foxtel’s new series “The Slot”), a new project for La Nocquette by international award winning French director Mathilde Nocquet, has been a recurring lead in Vodville's Dating Sketches and the lead in the web series CUT (nominated for official selection in LAWEBFEST 2017). While dividing her time between Sydney and Los Angeles, Rachel is currently auditioning for several leading roles worldwide and modelling internationally. 

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